Shore to Shore: Exploring our Personal Black History


We can still hear the echoes of waves hitting the shore in places like Benin’s Door of No Return. Those same echoes became the whispers and then the roars of our ancestors around the world. From South Africa to South Carolina, Cameroon to the Caribbean, Eritrea to England, Ghana to Grenada, Black people have managed to channel the pain of slavery and colonization into vibrant histories, cultures and communities that have irrefutably changed every corner of the globe.

Black History Month is a celebration of perseverance. This period of reflection is simultaneously reverent in its look to the past, steadfast in confronting the realities of the present, and gloriously optimistic about the shape of the future.

WONGDOODY is pleased to recognize Black History Month 2023 with the theme “Shore to Shore: Exploring Our Personal Black History”.

The month will feature thoughtful editorial offerings and informative, hosted dialogues intended to explore the variety of unique histories and cultural complexities that make up the Black diaspora experience.


Tarik West

SVP, People, North America



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