International Women’s Month 2023


When the female machinists downed tools at Ford’s Dagenham car factory just over 50 years ago, the silence on the shop floor was deafening. Women refused to work for less than men and in a moment of history, changed the struggle for equal pay in the workforce forever. It was a bitterly fought battle and one that’s still not over. Today, in our post pandemic world, there are very real fears that the far-reaching impact of Covid lockdowns – and the disproportionate burden placed on women to manage domestic duties during that time – have dealt a devastating blow to equal rights. Never has it been more important to put equity for women in the workplace back at the top of the agenda.

WONGDOODY will be supporting and celebrating International Women’s Day this year, with its #EmbraceEquity theme, to focus not just on equality for women, but gender equity. With female representation in the company currently running at 53% – and 57% in leadership – WONGDOODY will be embracing equity and standing up for the need to create a more inclusive world. Join us this month to see how our staff and industry peers are embracing equity through an International Women’s Month editorial series, View from the C-Suite: Women Leaders in Conversation and What’s Next with WONGDOODY live programming throughout the month of March.

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Skyler Mattson



Over the past 20 years, Skyler has overseen the growth of WONGDOODY while leading award-winning work, including several female empowerment initiatives. As president, Skyler has been an integral part of transforming WONGDOODY from a North American ad agency to the global experience and design unit for Infosys. She has been a delegate to the World Economic Forum and proudly serves as a board member for the Infosys Foundation.