In light of current events, WONGDOODY has made the tough decision to pause our WDWIA Scholarship for the summer term. We are extremely hopeful we can offer this program in the winter, continuing our support of the amazing womxn who will be future leaders in our industry. 

We hope to bolster underrepresented groups in advertising in order to create a more diverse and inclusive future. That’s why we sponsor the WONGDOODY Womxn in Advertising Scholarship, a $5000 scholarship awarded to two womxn a year — one in the summer and one in the winter.

The WONGDOODY Womxn in Advertising Scholarship accepts ALL womxn — this includes cis-gender, transgender, non-binary, queer, genderqueer, genderfluid, and in-transition. Our scholarship is inclusive and supportive, and self-definition is at the sole discretion of the applicant.

To be eligible an applicant must:

  • Identify as female or womxn.
  • Be a currently enrolled student at a college in the United States and have completed at least their sophomore year of undergraduate studies or their first year of portfolio or graduate school.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as determined by their school.
  • Be pursuing an advertising career in a creative role including but not limited to copywriter, art director, strategist or designer.


Mikalia Weaver

Summer 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Out of a talented applicant pool with diverse skill sets, Mikaila really stood out as a future leader in our industry. Mikaila impressed us with the sense of purpose she brings — a passion to impact people’s lives in a positive, meaningful way. She represents what’s good about advertising and makes us feel confident in our industry’s future.

Olivia Reid Cooper

Winter 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Olivia is insightful, driven, and curious about the world. Her design concepts wholeheartedly embrace the latest technologies in order to empower others. We were impressed with her talent and are honored to be part of her path toward creative leadership.

Yanci Wu

Summer 2016 Scholarship Recipient

We were really impressed with Yanci’s dedication to her goal of being a change-maker, her innovative thinking, and her constant striving to achieve the absolute best in everything she does. Like all our winners, she makes us feel confident and excited about our industry’s future.

Jessica Sugarman

Winter 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Jessica stood out to us because of her strong fine arts background and diverse experience in our industry. She infuses her unique personality into everything she creates. This, coupled with her earnestness, enthusiasm and drive, convinced us that she was incredibly deserving of this scholarship.

Bolora Munkhbold

Summer 2017 Scholarship Recipient

Bolora blew us away with her essay application and portfolio. Bolora brings a fantastic blend of design, photography and art direction talent to our industry. On top of that she has empathy, curiosity and an infectious positivity. We’re excited to see her develop into a creative leader.

Kendra Little

Winter 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Kendra stood out from a very talented applicant pool with a wide-ranging portfolio that brought design thinking and strategy into work that tackled issues small and large. Kendra inspired us with her maturity, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness.

Sarai Wingate

Summer 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Sarai stood out to us as someone who is passionate about pursuing her passion for graphic design while also bringing light to social issues. She had a common thread of using design across many different media to explore challenging, deep issues that are important to her and show a different perspective. It’s the whole reason we have this scholarship — to help bring more diverse points of view to the industry.

Victoria Rosenthal Madrid

Winter 2019 Scholarship Recipient

From a wide array of applicants, we chose Victoria because of her passion and vision. Her motivation to gather her own experiences and ultimately impact advertising (and the role of women in advertising) in her home country of Honduras was truly inspiring.

Zaria Parvez

Summer 2019 Scholarship Recipient

We know Parvez is a leader as she is our FIRST strategist to win the scholarship! Zaria blew us away with her personal mission to bring passion and compassion to her work. She is curious, driven, poised, and commits herself fully to all she does. She will no doubt go on to be a force in our industry, bringing a new and much-needed perspective to strategy and advertising.

Check back in Winter 2020

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