Problem: A major communications company’s ordering system for its resellers was clunky and out of date. Customers were complaining, and some of them were defecting to competitors. Their legacy B2B ordering platform was out of date, hard to use, and dragging the company into competitive risk.

Solution: B2B customers are still consumers who have gotten used to very sophisticated digital experiences and they’re no longer willing to put up with bad experiences at work. WONGDOODY unearthed customer pain points and insights about how to fix them. Our empathy mapping put the customer at the center so they can view all their information with ease and transparency. We used intuitive design to reduce clutter, eliminate jargon and talk to them like people. We reoriented the platform to put users’ needs first, allowing them to work easier and faster — and most importantly to stay loyal and sell more products and services.

Because, the antidote to legacy is customer experience.


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